I care about my looks and want to look the best.  I like to be fashion forward and think that women of our age: more than 50, do not need to dress like grannies, or even worse when we think we can wear teenagers clothes. 
I have decided to start this blog, because it was difficult for me to find something cool, without being ridiculous. When I searched style for women over 50, I found styles to rigid for my atheistic, or too outrageous which I would not wear.
I would like to help my readers look and feel their best, I will scour the web and find the best posts for women over 50. We all share a love for 50+ style and understand what women want to read in over 50 fashion blogs.
I will post fashion, make up, beauty tips, and hair treatment. I embraced the silver, and I will show you how stylish and cool it can be to let your hair grow free with any toxic tinctures.
Well let’s start this journey together and see where it leads us.
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The Silver Witch. 

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