NEW GLASSES
Despite the fact that is 61 F here in Galveston island, I am ready for Summer. Look how cute are these sunnies from Loft.

I do not know if it has to be with age, as I am a Pisces or my sight side of the brain, but I am always trying new things. 
Now I am enjoying learning a little bit of photography and how I can take pictures of my hair, trying different outfit colors, to see which ones go well with it.
And of course everything as you must know by now, on a tight budget. Don't forget I am a TEACHER.
Sometime ago when I decided to start selling my crafts in a craft market here in Galveston, I bought a wedding tent, which I thought it was suitable for the show. How wrong I was! the island wind confirmed it, even before I could manage setting it up. So for several months it was packed in my car's trunk.
Last week when I thought about taking pictures of me wearing my long silver threads, I thought about buying a mini photography studio. While I was browsing Ebay to find the exact, ideal one for an affordable price, I remembered my tent in the trunk. I needed something white to bounce the light, I guess.
So the only equipment I bought  was: Two soft boxes, and an Ipad tripod with a remote control. It is time to stop leaning my Ipad against my books and setting the shooting in 10 seconds.
Now I will have more time to pose, and see which is the best one.
Well to make this story shorter, I have a  10 x 10 canopy tent set in an empty bedroom, with a white sheet as background ( I did not like the clear plastic windows from the tent panels as background) and waiting for my tripod and soft boxes.
Even though I don have them, I had to try my "Studio" and here are some shots.

Hope you enjoy them and have fun looking how resourceful women are.


When it comes the moment of colors, we commonly think that there are very few that go well with gray. How wrong we are! White and silvers can be combined with a great variety of tones. Listen, white goes with everything, so why not applying to our hair.

Today I am wearing olive green. The sweater and the skirt are from Anne Taylor Loft from two past seasons.
I think it looks great with silver.
What do you think?

Embrace your Silver Threads!


                 MY SILVER HAIR

Today I took new pictures in natural light. if this is not to embrace the silver. it's unbelievable I started dying my hair when I was 27, because of the silver patch I have on my front band.

"Blazing Style from the office to cocktails” 
Part 1

We all agree that a blazer is the perfect jacket for chilly offices and important meetings alike. Whether you wear yours with cropped trousers or over a dress, there’s a way to make the menswear-inspired staple work for you. Even if you work in a very casual office, where you’re wearing jeans instead of trousers, throwing on a blazer when you leave the office for the day will elevate your look. There are options for everyone. Fortunately there are an array of styles that you can choose: from the basic styles to the edgiest. No blazer is dull if you give it the exact match with accessories, shoes, and hair style. The classic blazer has come a long way and has been reinvented. It’s time for you to choose and be ready to roll to a fine restaurant or bar after a long day at work.

Classic loose, oversize blazer in silver, too classy but appropriate for work, see how can we give it a twist for the evening, wearing as a dress.

Loose black pants, with loafers, and long blazer, an effortless combination. You can never be wrong with these colors. For the evening choose a pair of high heels and the style will be perfect.

Simply Chic
You can never go wrong when we talk about white blazers, they are perfect for the office and gorgeous for the night. You can wear them with jeans, and camel high heels. Absolutely adorable!

A refresh on a pastel long blazer, and a tight top that offers the right amount of contradiction and a stylish personalized look. The chunky necklace and flat sneakers add a free feeling to the outfit. Change the shoes for a pair of high heels and you will be ready to hit the night.

A true classic look with a trend twist. Wear this formal military blue blazer, with a distressed cuffed jeans, a casual denim colored button up. Strapped heeled sandals to give a feminine touch. Finish it all with a girly wavy hair style and big sunglasses. The same outfit, can be absolute gorgeous for the evening. If you want it a bit dressier, change the jeans with a pair of jeggings.

Sexy Bomb 

Stand out with these gold shimmering blazer, which can be perfect for the office and late night. Ankle buckles and slim black leatherette pants, make this outfit super sexy and for sure you will not be ignored. Bold and confident, this outfit will turn you into a bombshell.

A plus match, a stament blazer with a pair of black jeans. From work to a cocktail event. Classy but trendy and definitely not boring.

Since Yves Saint Laurent designed “Le Smoking” (the first designer female tuxedo), which we will all agree it is a stylish blazer, cannot longer be considered a male garment. What a great idea to wear it for work without the bow tie for a casual look for work, even you can wear loafers or ballerinas, and change them with high heels at night. That being said, there is something very charming about seeing a woman dress in a tuxedo that has been tailored to fit her perfectly. The secret is in the tailoring.

Talking about formal blazers, this is a very good example, how you can style it, and make it edgy and ready from morning to night. Wrap your waist with a leather belt, ankle boots in a white flowy dress to finish the look.


I have some icon women that I follow on Instagram. I like their style and how easy and classy they can look. One of these women is Linda Wright. Love her style!
Please make sure to see more on her Instagram page.

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