Yesterday I decide to try it again on my hair. My first and last experience was not very promising. I guess I really soaked my hair in oil, and imagine how hard it was to rinse it. Nevertheless all my efforts to take it off, my hair came out greasy ans super heavy. I did not like it. But I read again about all the benefits of this oil, so I decided to use it again, but this time with a tiny bit, just to let my hair soak it.
I wrap my head on a plastic bag, and waited an hour. After that I washed my hair with a blue shampoo, and rinsed it so much, yes a lot, until I felt everything was gone. I finished my treatment with 
Hask Keratin Protein Conditioner (click here to know more)
I let it in my hair for 15 minutes and rinse it very well. My last rinse with cold water.
Blew and straightened as usual and voila: my hair was so silky, OMG lovely. The texture, the frizzeness  commonly in gray hair, was diminish profoundly. Here are some shots, a pity pictures cannot show you the softness.


As my hair is long, and I do not want to have it cut, for the time being, I am trying to find the purple shampoo, that highlights my whites, and diminish the yellow tones.
As a teacher and always living on a tight budget, my options are not ample, but I've decided that I can spend some money if I find the perfect shampoo. 

As regards drugstore brands, I have tried, Silver Shinny, Simmer Lights, and Jhirmack shampoos.
I cant say they are bad, they are good, but each one gave me a different finish.
I read many reviews and it is funny how to read all different opinions about the same product. I came to the conclusion that everything depends on your hair.

I can say what it happened to me, but as you know, what it did not work for me, it might work for you.
Let's start with the first one I bought: 

Silver Shinny

I bought the shampoo, hair treatment and the shine spray.
I like them but I felt my hair a bit heavy  and it seemed to me that instead of enhancing my whites, it enhanced my dark grey colors, if it makes sense.

Shimmer Lights 

I like this shampoo, I tried it this past weekend, my hair turned out to be softer, and not so heavy. My whites whiter, and my grays not so dark.

Now I need to try Jhirmack and I will post my thoughts. What I do know is that you need to condition your hair as the purple shampoos tend to dry it.

One of the products I am looking forward to try, they are sending me some samples, are  the White Hot Hair shampoos and oil.

I will keep you update about my results.
 Thanks and have a lovely day, from a hot, damp, Texas.


It's been more than five years that I decided to start my silver journey. It was kind of easy as regards my transition, because, I had a blonde dye, and so the silver blended with the blond bands. They looked light highlights. Now after all this long journey, I would never go back. I love my silver, I wish I had more whites, but it is ok. Ladies, it might be hard, but do not give in. You will look amazing. People might tell you that gray makes you look older, far beyond the truth. A blonde or red dye will accentuate your fine lines, not in a very good way.

Definitely I have decided not to cut my hair. I love it!

I have long silver gray hair, and sometimes I think of having it cut. Sometimes I go for a pixie cut, and sometimes for a bob one. I found this one which I think is so flattering. 
What do you think?

Dark lowlights to contrast with her beautiful natural grey! Color by Jenifer @77Salon Inc. Alameda CA

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