Who doesn’t want to have young lips? But unfortunately as you get older, those disgusting wrinkles appear and you really get so upset.   If the appearance of your aging mouth is bothering you, there are a few key things you can begin doing, other than injections and lasers, to keep your kisser looking youthful and attractive.
Moister, moister, moister, that is the key thing. Use creams to moisture your lip zone, and do not forget to have moisture on your lips too. You can have  a sugar scrub, a scrub lipbalm, or anything that can exfoliate your lips.

When it comes to color, try not to use dark colors, which they may your lips look thinner and wrinkle. If you really cannot live without dark colors, use a lighter color on the center of your lip to make it fuller.

Today I received this order. My new smokey eyes shadow  palette, set of brushes, Nude lipstick, and contour palette. Love them!


I have recently starting paying more attention at the way light and shadows can make you look younger and refine. Apart from the baking make up, you can paint as an artist all the shapes that you want to enhance of your face.
If you want to learn more about how to do it, please click here, an amazing blog, full of clear instructions to practice your contour.


Though it's not a long time I discovered theses cosmetics, I am obsessed  with them. Not only for their affordable price, but for their quality as well.
These are just 9 top products and the ones you must have for a complete make up.
Concealer, mascara, smoky palette eye shadows, foundation primer, foundation, high definition powder, lipstick, blush and contour palette.
It may seem kind of overwhelming, but believe me, they are so affordable that you will not break your budget.

Make up for Women over 50

1. Less is more when it comes to applying makeup as you age.  As your skin becomes older, do not overload it with heavy makeup, as it will tend to look older. Instead of minimizing lines, you will emphasize them. Take care of your eyes, excessively eyeshadow can add years, always wear mascara as eyelashes tend to become sparer with age. If you like eyeliner, make sure it is not thick as it will you’re your eyes look smaller. Choose neutral shades like browns, beiges, and earth tones.
2. Use primer, concealer, and foundation sparingly to hide imperfections. Opt for a shade of foundation that is close to your skin color. If needed, you can lightly dust foundation with a translucent powder to make your look last longer.
3. Always wear a moisturizer cream. Before you add the foundation.  Dryness, wrinkles, and saggy skin are common issues that arise with age because the body slows production of collagen and elastin. When you are done with the translucent powder, finish your make up with a fixative spray specially formulated for makeup. Your foundation will last longer

New Cosmetics for me

I have  been trying to wear make up. I know how much different you make look with help. As a teacher, and with a tight  budget, I try to look for cosmetics of good quality and affordable. And I found Elf. I really like them and they are super affordable.
I bought the first bunch at Walmart, but then I ordered online. Here is the link to the site. Give them I try, you won't regret it.

I see the pictures of these gorgeous women of my age, and you see them so stunning! then I see my own pictures and I want to cry, though I do not see myself so old, the pictures do not lie. I am old. It sucks when you see the sagging in my arms and my legs have changed so much. I guess I need to start the gym, but I am lazy. I can be on a diet and eat healthy, but we all know it is not enough. I also try to content myself, believing those stunning pictures are touched with Photoshop.  But anyway they are better than me.

This make up is very suitable for hoodie eyes, like mine. Always place the crease color above the real line of your crease, so you create the illusion that your eye is lifted.

Last week we had a Stem Night in our school. One of the activities we had to do, was choosing a leader in any field such as Science, or Arts and dress up. I did not know what to do, in a tight budget, well, to be honest I wanted to do something that I did not have to buy anything.
So browsing at the options, I came across Frida Khalo. The only thing I had to buy were the flowers.
I had a Loft sweater, which I bought some weeks ago, it is from the new collection, and I adore it!
I did my hair with two braids, as a crown, and I had my make up with my brand new Elf cosmetics.
I tried the flower band on my head but I did not like it, so I decided to wear it as a necklace.
Well, this is what it turned out to be, my modern Frida Khalo 's version.
I know, I cannot do one whole straight eyebrow. Shame on me!

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