Hello there!
I grew up in Buenos Aires Argentina, coming to USA in 2009, after my children grew up, had their own lives, I had an opportunity to come to the US, so I took my suitcase and here I am working as a 1st Grade Teacher in beautiful Galveston island. 
I have always been crafty. I guess I started sewing when I was 8. Mom taught me how to knit, embroider, sew and cook. Painting became later in the 80's. 
I absolutely love what I do and hope that you can see it in my work. I try my best to create high quality merchandise that you can enjoy for years to come.

I started this blog mainly to post my crafts and coloring books, but then I realized that as I am near my 60's, I came interested in style for women of my age.
I started researching and the looks I found, where kind of matronly and they do not connect with me. I do not like to wear like a teenager, but I think women of our age, can be cool, modern and classy.
That is the reason why my blog is refurbished, with new pages and with different topics.
You will find, hair care and styles, make up for us, cool outfits, and healthy food without being boring.
I love my Pinterest boards so I will be connecting my ideas with the Pins I think they are popular, and great for us.
Hope you enjoy it and please get in contact.

Thanks and Welcome!

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