Saturday, December 31, 2016

More drawings

How can you set the number of drawings for your book? though I really enjoy working on it, drawing takes a lot of time not only in the drawing itself, but in the thinking what to do, what to draw and add, hard work.
Do coloring people really know how much effort implies, when sometimes complain about the few drawings a book has? I know people want a lot of designs to color. But for the artist it is so much work.
But it is ok, we can bear with it. Well here are some more drawings from yesterday and today, and they are already sharpened and smoothed in Adobe Illustrator. Yay I am learning how to use it!


Sunday, December 25, 2016

2017 Planner

The 2017 Cats Calm Colouring Planner (Week Per Page) is a companion for the colorist fan. The planner has a general calendar, weekly pages with a page for Notes on the opposite side, for your convenience, hand-drawn illustrations are waiting for you to bring them to life with colour! Every illustration has a positive theme to fill you with peaceful and uplifting vibes. The drawings are hidden amongst the diary pages that contain all your 2017 planning needs: a full year planner (double page), note pages (including test pages to try colors and mediums). I recommend to place a blank page between the page you are coloring and the next one, to avoid bleeds if you are coloring with markers. When inspiration strikes, you can add in your own doodles and drawings wherever you'd like. This diary is for colourists of all ages to enjoy - including adults. After all, colouring shouldn't just be for kids - grownups need to have fun too!
Available on Amazon (Here)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Hello Mr. Bear

One of the first things my mom taught me, was how to embroider by hand. I remember I used to make a lot of crafts with this technique. I even made me a Mexican style dress. All in white with the front, right on the bodice, all embroidered with colorful flowers. I loved that dress.
Well after many years of not trying again, I did it yesterday and Mr. Bear was born. Easy, simple but cute.
I drew him first, then I colored it in photoshop, I printed it on fabric, and I embroidered some parts. I wanted to show his background color.
You know how I am, I have a fox and a cat ready to make, and I decided to make embroidery kits to let people start in this craft.
Hope you like it, and think he is really cute.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Gandalf the Gray

Didn't I tell you I had the idea of making one? Well here it is.
Gandalf is the last of the wizards in Middle-Earth. He is made in gray felt, with fake frizzy hair as beard. He is carrying his staff, which I made  with wood, sculpted the scrolls, and  added a broken shell as the top. I know it is not exactly the same as the real one  but when I tried it on him, it looked amazing, and gave him the real touch I was looking for. He is also carrying a satchel, made out of felt too. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016


See what I've found at Tuesday Morning:
I was looking for a stamp for my tags and I found, I think the perfect one. Coming from my shop The Crafty Witch, what  a perfect touch. "Witch's Brew"
These pretties are ready for packing and going to their new home!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Boxes for the Box

I am super excited about how the pieces will go in the Subscription box. Today a prepared some pieces, each one in a handmade box. I really like how they look. 



Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I told you a troll was coming. Isn't he cute? I love how it turned out. My big issue was the hair, how to make it stand, but with some glue, it worked fine.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Big Brother

Today it rained again the whole day, but fortunately when I got home, it stopped for a while, and I could take some pictures.
This is the big guy with one of his little brothers. Tomorrow a troll is coming. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016


This guy started with the hat. Yesterday I knitted this hat, and I needed a gnome to wear it. As the hat was big, I decided to make a big Tomte. And here he is. 

This fellow is a Scandinavian Gnome made of felt and with a long frizzy beard. I have also knitted his whimsical pointed hat. He is solitary, mischievous domestic sprite responsible for the protection and welfare of the house. Tomte literally means “homestead man” It is also known as Nisse (Nicholas) Adorable to have on a shelf and let his beard hang. have a look at the details, he has a felt jacket, with buttons, a clock and a rustic brooch.
About 13 inches tall, and 10 wide.

If you like it and want it home please check my Etsy shop, he is waiting there. (click on the picture below)
This cute Gnome will arrive home in an adorable package, with a gift, and certificate of authenticity.


I know that packaging is as important as the product you are selling, but I do not know the reason why I haven't taken care of it, till now. These are some friends and ornaments that have found new homes.
I practised and it  still needs more to go, but the boxes I made are looking good. they will look better and better for sure.

One Gnome Witch flying to see her new Mom.

Two fellows are already in, to go to their new home.

Ornaments ready, with certificate of authenticity.

Gnome ready with a bookmark as a gift and certificate.