Sunday, November 27, 2016

Nordic Gnomes- Craft Fair Ideas

NEW!!! Scandinavian Gnome Pattern - Nordic Gnome - Digital DownLoad - Tutorial | Christmas - PDF -

I made a tutorial with all the steps written and lots of pictures, to help you to make your own Tomte.
It's a digital download so you have it in your computer, phone, tablet, in a minute. Easy for beginners, you can sew it by hand or with a machine.

Here is the link:

Keep Calm, I'm a witch

Cute Gnome Witches!!! This is a Scandinavian inspired gnome witch, made of felt and with a long frizzy hair.
About  7 inches tall.

These are the authentic gnomes that can be found all over Scandinavia, but in the form of a witch. They are the mythological creatures from Scandinavian folklore, typically associated with the winter solstice and the Christmas season. In Finland they are called Tonttu, in Sweden Tomte, and in Norway these little fellows go by the name of Nisse. Scandinavian folklore is rich with many types of woodland creatures, gnome or tonttu/tomten being one of them. They are believed to protect the family and animals from misfortune, and to bring good luck to you and your home. Even though these gnomes are traditional, they are simply adorable in a modern way. They go well with any home decor or any season.

Though I do not come from Nordic cultures, I have been nurtured around creativity and crafting, coming from a family with sewing enthusiasts, knitters, and woodworkers. Been surrounded by skill and creativity all my life, I unknowingly held a treasure of creating from a scratch from very early on. My goal is to create beautifully handcrafted, heirloom gnomes with personalities for gnome lovers around the world. I make the gnomes from start to finish by hand, and carefully select the materials I use for each gnome. We strive for perfectly constructed items, and it's indeed the handmade aspect that makes them truly unique. Each gnome is an individual and no two will ever be exactly the same.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Lord of the Gnomes

I spent these last holiday days, making these adorable gnomes. I fell in love with them. In any place you put them, they look nice. On the books, in the Christmas tree, even in a cup.
I absolutely adore them!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Handmade Aprons

Tomte -Scandinavian Gnome - Nisse

During this week, I have been working on different projects for the coming holidays. One of my favorite things to paint and make, are gnomes. Browsing on the web, I came across these adorable gnomes: The Tomtes! super cute.
this is the first one I made and more are coming.
Cute Tomte!!! This is a Scandinavian Gnome made of felt and with a long bear. They are both solitary, mischievous domestic sprites responsible for the protection and welfare of the farmstead and its buildings.Tomte literally means “homestead man” It is also known as Nisse (Nicholas) Adorable to have on a shelf and let his bear hang. This is the first I made, and more are coming. 7 inches tall.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


I've found this figurine in RCC, quite dirty and the painting was not very nice (next time, I need to remember to take a picture before painting). I cleaned it sanded out the surface, and painted again. It turned out very cute.
7 inches tall and thick enough to stand by himself.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Christmas Wreath, Holiday Wreath, Classic Wreath, hand painted roses in glass ornaments, Luxury Holiday Wreath

A welcoming elegant classic Victorian style wreath to decorate your home or office this holiday season. Adorned with hand painted glass ball ornaments, in burgundy, pink and pearl. All hand painted with roses. The wreath is embellished with brocade ribbon, burlap ribbons with accents in copper, and gold. Bow in wire organza gold ribbon and burlap. Created in evergreen.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New look for an old card

I made the card with the butterflies and paper flowers last year. I had it but I knew it needed something else. Preparing new ideas for the fair, I realized I could mixed it with my roses, pasted on a canvas and added some golden details. Voila! This mixed piece was born.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Crafty Witch


I had  always bought in GoodWill for quite a long time while I was in North Carolina. When I came to Texas, I discovered that the products were not as good quality as in NC, and much pricey.  It was difficult to find a good deal. As regards clothes, you can even find cheaper  t-shirts in Walmart.
We one day a friend at school told me about RCC (Resource and Crisis Center), and as you can imagine I paid them a visit. OMG, their prices are very affordable, and it makes sense to buy and restore.
Furniture, you need to have a good eye, because they can be expensive. If they think it is too shabby, they charge you very low.
Well to make the story short I found three coffee side tables with their stand, and very rough. The lady charge me $6 and I bought them. After lots of work without stopping since yesterday. Here I show you the before and after pictures.
I will be selling them at the Island Market in Galveston, next Saturday, November 19th.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Shaker Style Tray

Shaker style  Romantic Tray made in light wood and with a wash of white chalk paint. Hand painted roses on top. 19 x 13 inches.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


I have been working like crazy, painting items for the coming Fair here in Galveston. These are some of the ones I finished this weekend.

painted on Chalk paint which I absolutely adore.  I made the chalk paint myself and it adhered super great on metal. I tried also glass, and it is amazing how it works.

Shabby Chic Victorian Metal Tray.
This is a 12 x 12 inches singed metal tray, painted with chalk paint and distressed. In the center I painted roses in different shades of pink. It finishes with a burlap bow with a glass nugget with a hand painted rose and a bug. (See the other picture). The bow can be easily remove if you prefer the tray without it.


Hand painted birdhouse. 10 x 7. Shabby chic distressed look, with hand painted roses added as collage, burlap bow with glass ornament with tiny hand painted rose and a brass fly.


Hand painted Glass Ornaments. Victorian Shabby Chic Christmas ornaments. Hand painted Roses, finished with a burlap golden bow. Color: Pear and soft pink roses.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Victorian Shabby Chic Glass Ornaments - Hand painted Roses

The holidays will be here before you know it!

This a set of 2 hand painted shabby cottage chic Victorian rose sparkle glass ornaments.

Decorate your whole tree!!! You are welcome to set more if you need them.

They can be on pearl white or pearl pink or mauve. 

I have hand painted a pink Victorian rose with leaves, vines and sparkles.

There are shades of pink, rose, burgundy, white, sage and olive.

They come with ribbons ready to hang on you Victorian cottage chic Christmas tree(ribbons may be different then one shown).