Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Being working on my new adventure, it is always a challenge. I like my soaps but on the other hand I want them to be good and super creamy to nourish our body.
I have been trying the ones that are ready and to my warming surprise, they turned out so creamy!
They not only give lather, but you feel like you are having a kind of cream in your hands. I do not mean oily and greasy, I mean hand lotion. I am so accomplished.
I want to share a picture. 
This is the one with calenduna and orange essential oil.
Love it.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Noir et Blanc

This morning I tried my favorite recipe so far, adding sea salt, and Hawaiian lava. It turned out to be so awesome. I read that salt accelerates the drying time, and once it is dry, it is quite impossible to cut it, so I was always keeping my eyes close to this baby.
Oki I think I like it, because I did not have to wait till the following day to unmold. Yippee!!!
 I already cut it but too dark for pictures. I will post them tomorrow.

First Bath Bombs

I watched I do not know how many videos about how to make bath bombs. I thought it was simple, I was far from right. Starting trying to buy citric acid, at Walmart, impossible, there was none, then finally I got it at a health food store, but I paid 5 dollars for only 4 oz.  You will totally understand when a crafter wants to do something that very day... you pay the 5 dollars.

Well I made my dough? paste? it  looked pretty good for me. I did not have ball molds  but I bought some easter eggs and used the round part.
I made my bombs, and I left them rest. Minutes later my bombs were three times bigger and escaping out from the cupcakes liners.
Well to make the story short and thinking about what I paid for the citric acid, I poured them again in the bowl, add more baking soda, made the batch drier, and put them again in the molds. They turned out pretty well after all, and they will definitely not be the last ones.
I will order the ball bombs molds for the next ones.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Did I tell you I love roses?

I love Roses. I used to paint them a lot, and even now that I am getting addicted to soap making, I need to try these flowers in every color. Here I worked with off white and the base is black for some of them and the other ones... I am always getting surprised how cold process soap making can change all your plans.
I wanted a kind. of purplish, bluish  color, as I had got in one of my soaps with the swirls, but no, the alkanet powder, first was gray, and now it is turning into brown, and looks as if it were a kind of wood or stone. I like it.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Well, I am always so impatient, here they are. Some pictures and go to sleep and cure.


I have seen so many beautiful cupcakes made of soap, that I wanted to try. I remember I have a pipping experience with real cupcakes some years ago, which was stopped as I did not want to put on weight and I was by myself, therefore noone to share my cupcakes skills with.
 Soap are different, I will show them in my coming show and Etsy shop.
I made some cupcakes which they are still  curing and I could not unmold them, but having some left over soap batch in the pipping bags, I embellished some bars which a friend said they looked like ordinary laundry soap.
Well I guess now he has to change his comment.

The laundry soap bar? and I have the idea of giving away some soap rose cookies in the show.

"Soap Cookies"

Some of the new roses 

The first pippings, now the are much better.

I love these bars, they look so shabby chic.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


I have the plan of introducing my natural soaps in a next coming show next month here on the island. I am quite nervous, it has been a long time since I took part in crafts shows. Many years ago I did it but not alone, I always went with my dearest friend Rosario. We have so many stories around those adventures. Those were the days!
Well these are my new  ones:
The first one I named it Simple life, is a relaxing sweet soap, very natural, two colors, the color from the oils, and the top with white to give a creamy look.
The ingredients: Coconut Oil ,Canola Oil, Sunflower oil,  Lard,  Shea Butter Lye and water Essential Oils: Calendula, Bergamot, mandarin. Calendula and Rose Petals.
A very gentle, soothing bar, with a gorgeous smell, not strong just enough to give you the idea of flowers and fruits for the summer.
In this bar I incorporated my handmade calendula infusion, to enrich the qualities of this simple treasure.
I will cut it, when get a bit harder.

This one is the second part of the mold, same ingredients but with dried rose petals, which give the soap an extra scent. Lovely.

The second loaf I made yesterday, was a small batch, using a left over from the calendula soap, because I wanted to try my natural colorants. I used Alkanet Root and it turned a beautiful bluish lilac color. I thought of spreading some lavenders flowers, but I was not really sure if the color would stay like it really turned out to be. I thought it was going to turn a sort of burgundy.
Well next time I will use Lavender.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Black Tie

My new soap,   charcoal and Hawaiian lava I made yesterday. Here it is still without cutting, I will post pictures of the bars cut tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Labels ready

I was moving around for several days, trying to find a label for the line of our  handmade beauty products. Nothing I made I felt it was the right choice. But yesterday I could wrap, the name with the logo.
"Mama Titina". She was our mom (my sister Patricia in Buenos Aires is also behind this new adventure). Unfortunately God needed another angel, and we lost her very young, in 1985.
But we feel she is always under every entrepeneurship we get into. She was an awesome crafter, beyond her time. Everything she made was absolutely stunning. I wish I had some of what she made, or even pictures.
She was a fairy in sewing clothes, toys, an excellent knitter and cook. What an inspiration for both of us. My sister is  so refined in her sewing, knitting, drawing,writing and cooking.

 I guess that is why I am always making different things, from drawing, painting writing, and I can keep on mentioning many other crazy adventures I went into.
Everything because of Mom, our mom Titina.
Love you and please keep coming along with us.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Natural Colorants for Soaps

I have received my herbs from https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/cart to make my tintures for my soaps.
I worked on a hot process boiling method  but I still let them rest so as to get the best from them. By the way the service and my herbs are absolutely stunning from Mountain Herbs.
I have prepared: Alkanet Root, hibiscus, caledula flowers, peppermint, orange, lavender, and paprika.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


I know when we talk about lather, there are many people who do not mind if their soaps have no much lather, as long as they give them cleanliness, good cream, and leave you skin as silky as possible. But I think it is nice to feel that your soap it has a sort of bubbly texture when you wash your hands or your body. It looks good in a soap.
When as a soapmaker you balance all those attributes, you feel a sort of accomplishment.
I tried the first soaps, the Honey Oatmeal, the Orange Blossom, and the Tea Tree  and  three have lather. Yeah!
Out of the three the Orange Blossom has the most, then it comes the Honey Oatmeal, and finally the Tea Tree, with bubbles but not as many as the other ones, but yet super soft and silky.
Mission accomplished with these ones.

Orange Blossom
Honey and oatmeal

Tea Tree